Ever looked in the mirror and realized that the reflection staring back at you is NOT the man you know you are inside?

Do any of the following sound familiar?

Welcome! You’re in the right place.

My name is Jeff Brown and I help men like you learn and apply the concepts and tools that can radically change your life.

What you see on the outside is only a fraction of the potential you have inside you – you really can be, do and have anything you want.


A LIVE 4-week online program to develop a new found sense of confidence and clarity. In this program, you’ll learn powerful ways to understand and motivate yourself. You will discover and practice the tools that allow you to take control of your life, break free from the “rut” and get what you REALLY want. Developing these skills will lower your stress levels and bring you the certainty you want as you face the inevitable challenges of life. 


You will also learn how to combine self-awareness and personal ownership. This will lead to discovering the real you and unlocking an elevated level of personal freedom. 


A LIVE 8-week online program to build on your foundational tools from the 4-week course.


Utilizing your skills of personal ownership in combination with increased willingness you will find inspiration to take action towards what is most important in your life. You will become aware of what you are capable of and develop the willingness and desire that enable you to achieve your goals.


You will also discover practical tools that create effective communication, powerful collaborations and deep insights into the key limiting beliefs that short change you. 

Interested in this program? Be one of the first to get informed about this life-changing program. I'll notify you as soon as it's live. Let's do this!

  • Do you work with people and want to build great relationships at work and at home?

  • Is Leadership a Part of Your Job or Passion?

This 3-day Basic Intensive will address these three areas, and inspire your relationships and work with others.

This workshop addresses these questions and many more! You will learn the theory about behavior, developed by Dr. William Glasser, that beautifully and simply explains why we do what we do. It's a life-changing theory that I’ve been using and sharing for years in a myriad of contexts. And I still love it!

Hi, I’m Jeff Brown. And I see you.

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