Who you see on the outside is only a fraction of the greatness within you.

Join me on a journey to reach your fullest potential.

What will the 8-week program bring you?

  • A complete understanding of what will increase your feeling of control.

  • An understanding of where your power comes from and how it influences your daily life.

  • Clarity on how you get stuck and what you can do about it.

  • Insight into your key limiting beliefs and how they short change you.

  • An opportunity to get clear on what is most important in your life.

  • Practical tools to unleash your willingness & commitment.

  • A framework for effective communication.

  • Strategies that nurture powerful collaboration, trust, and safety.

Program outline

The first two sessions focus on understanding the universal basic needs of all humans, where your wants and desires come from, and what to do when they conflict.

In the third session you will discover where you have been mis-aligned in your life in relation to what matters the most and what you can do to change it.

Session four you will gain key insights to some of your limiting beliefs, how they stop you and what you can do differently.

In session five and six you will unleash your ability to get out of your comfort zone and willingly commit to taking effective action that moves you towards the life you really want.

The last two sessions are designed to deliver you practical tools that create effective communication and powerful collaborations so that you can enjoy developing great relationships in your life.

Mastery of these tools is a requirement for making changes that stick.

A 4-week online program to develop a new found confidence, a deep sense of calm and the power to change anything in your life.

This is a 8-week skill-building implementation course with 4 group sessions (8 hours of class time) where you'll learn the life-changing skills.

Between each session, you’ll get homework to practice and integrate. (Doing this work is critical to your success, so don’t sign up unless you’re willing to commit the time and do the work.)

This program is appropriate for all levels. If you’re new to personal development, this is the ideal place to start. If you’ve been on the journey for a while, this is your chance to integrate these skills at a deeper level so you can accelerate your progress.

  • Conducted online via zoom video

  • Attend from your comfort of your own home or anywhere in the world


  • Week 1: Group Session

  • Week 2: Group Session

  • Week 3: Integration week (partner exercises, no group session)

  • Week 4: Group Session

  • Week 5: Group Session

  • With homework to practice and integrate

  • Appropriate for all levels

Your investment

  • $375 CAD

  • Time: 1 hour every day for practice in addition to the 8 hours of class time

  • Feedback: a short interview after the program to share your experience

Space is limited to 10 highly motivated people who will commit to doing the work every day.

Ready to stop holding yourself back and getting in your own way?

Start your journey to becoming the man you know you can be TODAY!

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1. Lasting change requires an ongoing commitment to doing the work

Personal growth is a practice. Just like going to the gym once won’t instantly make you fit – attending a weekend workshop or reading a book won’t change your life. (Even though in the moment, it may feel like it has.) True and lasting change happens when you return to the practice over and over again.

It’s my life’s work – my mission and purpose – to teach these skills so that other men can wake up and become the men that they are meant to be.

2. Growth only happens when you change how you act, how you think and how you feel

When you’ve mastered these core skills – the ability to change how you act, how you think and how you feel – any change you envision becomes possible. Without these skills, you’ll fall right back into the old ways of being.

The skills themselves are simple, yet not easy.


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