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Take control of your life

Expand your possibilities


As we work together, you will develop a new found confidence, ways to relieve stress and the power to handle any of life’s challenges. 

Take control of your life

Greatness and mastery are built on simple acts, repeated frequently and performed with excellence. 

Want to excel at martial arts? Or hockey or tennis or golf or yoga? Learn the basic moves and practice them so often that you execute them flawlessly and without thinking. 

Excelling at life requires the same dedication and focus.

This custom coaching offers key elements that help you to build 3 foundational skills that when mastered, will give you a new found confidence, a deep sense of calm and the power to handle anything in your life.

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Expand your possibilities

This one-on-one coaching will guide you to inspire motivation while unlocking new possibilities, and empowering you to achieve your goals. 

Life is always going to be full of different challenges, how you learn to respond to those challenges will determine your level of fulfillment and joy.

In our coaching together you will discover a blueprint for the formula for personal success. The formula includes three key elements: awareness, ownership, and willingness. This combination creates the inspiration to take action towards what is most important in your life. For many people, this includes meaningful relationships, a fulfilling career, and being a significant influencer.  The foundation this coaching provides is the launchpad for creating the life you really want. 

You will learn practical tools that improve communication and nurture collaborations. It will also offer you the opportunity for deep insights into key limiting beliefs that short change you or compromise your integrity. 

Learn – and more importantly, practice how to:

Gain effective control of your life so that you are internally grounded and balanced. 

Notice and change your thoughts so that you can direct your mind to align with what you really want

Take control of your feelings so that you run them (instead of them running you)

Increase your ability to respond instead of reacting - so you can consistently do the “right thing” instead of instinctively falling back into old habits

Have clarity on how you get stuck and what you can do about it

Discover insights about your key limiting beliefs and how they short change you

Become clear on what is most important in your life and why it really matters to you

Learn practical tools that increase your awareness, ownership and willingness to take action

Build a framework for effective communication so that you can create more meaningful and connected relationships

Become the leader and authority of your life, instead of circumstances of life leading you

Mastery of these tools is a requirement for making changes that stick.

This one-on-one coaching is a great fit for you if you are looking for:

A solid guide to work with you and walk beside you, while supporting you to be accountable

A coach who combines enormous compassion with an unwillingness to settle for mediocrity

A deep understanding of practical concepts and how they work to improve your daily life

A sure-fire way to improve your relationships, to access meaningful connections with the people you care about the most

A way to increase your motivation and commitment to taking action that leads to success.

This coaching will not work well for you if you want:

Someone to tell you what to do and how to live your life

To just chat about ideas without taking the appropriate action for lasting change

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When you join our custom coaching sessions you’ll learn life-changing skills. These sessions are conducted online via zoom video – attend from anywhere in the world and from the comfort of your own home.

Between each session, you’ll get homework to practice and integrate. (Doing this work is critical to your success, so don’t sign up unless you’re willing to commit the time and do the work.  As we all know, if you want results, no one else can do your push-ups for you!)

This custom coaching is appropriate for all levels. If you’re new to personal development, this is the ideal place to start. If you’ve been on the journey for a while, this is your chance to integrate these skills at a deeper level so you can accelerate your progress.


Are you ready to stop holding yourself back?

Start your journey to becoming the man you know you can be by clicking the button below to BOOK YOUR DISCOVERY CALL WITH ME:

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